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Self Love Is Revolutionary

Self-acceptance must include accepting your potential. Find your purpose and live it fully.

  • Gratitude. Discover profound gratitude for your life, including for your pain.
  • Awareness. Gain awareness of your judgments, fears, and shames, and learn to accept and love yourself fully.
  • Confidence. Learn to own your reality and take full responsibility for your beliefs.
  • Community. Join a community that will give you a hundred reasons to love yourself on your worst day, and a hundred more to love the reasons behind your worst day.

Why Is Self-Love Important?

“On the other side of fear is freedom, because the other side of fear is love.”

When you guard your heart, it doesn’t make it precious or safe, it makes it a prison.

If you’re ready to experience freedom, let’s get to work.

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Thomas Whigham, Founder of Find Self Love

Meet Thomas Whigham

Founder of

Guru. Loving Idiot. Friend. Janitor of Self Love. These are a few ways people have described him. But, in Thomas’ own words, “I really don’t want labels. I don’t believe in authority. I see that you’re pure love and pure God… just like me, just like everyone.”

After meeting his guru Neem Karoli Baba, Thomas dedicated his life to helping people rediscover inner peace and deep love within themselves – so that you can spread peace and love to your friends, family, and the world.

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Coaching Testimonials

Hear what others have to say about their experiences working with Thomas.

As a woman who has struggled my whole life with relationships, working with a man who is clear, will not succumb to my “charm” and bullshit has been life-changing.

I’m no longer settling for anything less than what I truly want in ANY area of my life – because Thomas explains what is happening for me in such a profound way, and then holds me to my desires with actions that create massive CHANGE.

I’m prioritizing myself in a way I never knew existed… to me, that alone gives me the ability to conquer anything I choose.

Stacey R.

Just recently hopped off a call with Tom and left with a new perspective about myself, my relationship, and my purpose just from an hour of “shooting the sh*t” with him.

If you haven’t reached out to Thomas, think about it. I’m almost pissed that he’s offering so much and asking for so little, but that’s literally just how he chooses to operate through love and giving instead of fear and taking.

Tim R.

Sixty minutes…

Sixty f*cking minutes…

Who knew my mindset, my life could literally change so much in sixty minutes.

I don’t even know what to say or how to say it, but in the first half of our call Thomas literally helped me get through a lifetime of shame around my s*xual desires and lack of experience.

If you’re on the fence about working with Thomas, just do it.

Jake G.

I’m not here to teach you I’m here to love you, and love will teach you.