About Find Self Love

Our Mission

At Find Self Love, our goal is to improve the lives of all people across the world… one act of self-love at a time.

All too often, I see people fall into the trap of thinking they’re not worthy of love or that they need “something” before they’re willing to accept themselves as they are. This way of being is a self-imposed prison because love has no boundaries, no barriers, and no conditions.

You are worthy of love, just the way you are. And, do you know why I know that? Because that’s what love tells me.

After seeing so many people struggle with this concept, I decided to create a community for those looking to learn how to love themselves and each other unconditionally. That’s how the Self Love Army was born.

The Self Love Army is a growing community that aims to bring radical self-love into the forefront of everyday life, to heal ourselves and others through the power of community and devotion.

It’s also a platform where we can come together to celebrate our accomplishments, offer guidance and encouragement, and build a sense of sisterhood / brotherhood so that we can all support one another on our road to self-love and betterment.

Now, I have a question for you: are you ready to open your heart and let love in?

Yes, I am!

Who Is Thomas Whigham?

Thomas Whigham is the founder of FindSelfLove.com and the Self Love Army. After meeting his guru Neem Karoli Baba, Thomas dedicated his life to helping people rediscover inner peace and deep love within themselves – so that they can spread peace and love to their friends, family, and the world.

See below for some of his video insights: