What People Have To Say About Thomas & The Self Love Army

Thomas Whigham wrote some very kind words about me yesterday.

He called me a Guru.

He called me an Honest Man.

He called me a devoted coach.

I’ll be honest.

I’m not a fan of the word guru.

To me it feels like a deluded spiritual ego.

But that’s not what it means to Tom.

To him, it means a commitment to being of service for those who trust you enough to follow your advice and leadership.

…while being honest. And while being truly committed to transforming their lives.

And if that is the definition we are working with, not self-proclaimed enlightenment or spiritual superiority, then Tom, too, is a Guru.

I’ve spent a lot of time with Tom.

In fact, we lived together for several months last year while supporting each other throughout our walk through hell with Covid.

I almost died. Tom almost died.

And it’s not until a man is in the woes despair that you see his true nature.

And when we both hit rock bottom, Tom still remained the same.

– He spoke about getting well for his clients, because they needed him

– He kept checking in on me in case I needed him while he barely was able to breathe himself

– He kept taking care of his girl whilst hardly knowing how to stand up straight or formulate a sentence

– And all he truly yearned for was to just be back on his swing, having his love speak for him and guide him and his clients

I’ve met a lot of people who talk a big game about spirituality and love.

People who talk about compassion.

People who talk about benevolence.

But when shit hits the fan they look out for #1.

Not Tom.

He’s truly devoted. He’s truly walking in love-bliss around the click. And he’s truly producing results.

This is why no matter how bat shit crazy this man his he is my brother til I die, and why you should do coaching with him if you struggle with love.

This is the man you want in your corner. Not the guys who are in your corner until you’ve given them your money.

He’s the only coach I’ve seen that actually never stops caring.

Everyone else talks a big game on social media but when push comes to shove they all fold make sure they got themselves covered first.

Pierre S.

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I came to Tom at a low point in my life – I had just broken up with my partner of 4 years, I was trying to drop my bad habits, and I was trying to ‘get my sh*t together’ – but what was my reason for doing this?

It was a mix of saving face, changing myself for the purpose of being attractive to the opposite sex, and trying to get approval from others.

I was failing to make any sort of meaningful change because all of my motivation was coming from fear. I thought that this is what life was supposed to be – I was supposed to feel alone in a meaningless world.

I have never met anyone in my life that understands me more than Tom – he was able to see through all my layers of bullsh*t and figure out exactly who I was and why I was that way.

Talking to Tom is like having an acid trip – he cuts through all the bullsh*t and leaves you with a clear vision of what is really important as a result.

Tom allowed me to understand myself and from there, I was able to let go of all of the shallow, superficial, selfish sh*t that was serving as a distraction.

Tom taught me how to show compassion and forgiveness to myself and others, including those that have hurt me most in my life – the relief that letting go provided has been life changing for me.

Working with Tom changed my life at a fundamental level – I have had so many paradigm shifts that all of my motivations from 6 months ago seem meaningless now.

I used to obsess about myself and who I was in the world, now I care about other people, and just the way I do to myself, I want to accept them and see their hearts, not their appearance or their masks.

Indy G.

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I have had 3 calls with Thomas Whigham. I said this to him on the call. It feels like I’m talking to a close friend, extremely approachable and relatable, yet who is guiding me every step of the way to fully and deeply align myself with love.

I know Thomas asked me to read the reviews before working with him. To be honest, I read a couple, not many. I was beyond skeptical before our first 15 mins intro call, but I thought I would give it a chance. I am beyond happy I did.

Every single call with Thomas is just wild. Words wont do it justice because it is just an amazing experience. I’ve noticed he uses analogies, imagery, visualizations, songs, etc. to get you to access that unconditional love.

My status quo in life has been to repress and push away pain or the sides about me that I don’t like. Thomas led me right to it.

There is a very clear difference between reading about acceptance and loving yourself in a book or a post, and actually experiencing it. I’m talking about full self-acceptance for all your warts, pain, shame, etc. Thomas helped guide me to open that door. And in the 3 calls I’ve had I’ve noticed a world of a difference as to how I’m approaching my life and relationships.

I do have to say though after every call I feel wiped out. The reason is we have peeled through so many layers of the onion, or we have started to completely love my pain, that it feels like a big cathartic release. I’ve done Sedona method before, and it doesn’t even come close to this experience.

I came across the Self Love Army by mere chance. But I am so grateful for Thomas and the others here.

Diego G.

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I worked with Thomas deeply over 2 years ago and we have kept in touch, however, I stepped back into an “official” call with him this week and once again, he has shifted my whole world.

What he can see for me (or anyone) that we cannot see for ourselves is beyond words. The clarity he brought me on our call this week helped me step back into love, into my heart and into clarity which is allowing me to make new choices from the perspective of my truth rather than the drama and chaos. I hadn’t even realized I was so swept up in it.

Originally I came to Thomas for coaching around dating and he absolutely helped me navigate my truth and assisted me in finding the love of my life- through following my PURPOSE. I am ever ever grateful. And this week, he has equally opened up my life to the next step, in creating the lifestyle and a deeper level of my work in death care and loving life itself.

I could write for hours about the process and the joy this has brought to my everyday living!

The gratitude is beyond words… THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU Thomas Whigham!!

Stacey R.

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Thomas is just a beast!

I’m working with him almost one month and I feel f*cking amazing. He completely changed my life.

I’m so grateful to Thomas. Thanks to him I realized that it’s very important say my family that I love them. I have never done this because I always thought that it’s obvious thing. First time when I said this, it was weird. My uncle and aunt started laughing when I told them ‘I love you’ but they responded me we ‘love you too Karel’ and it was an amazing feeling.

He explained me there is nothing to be afraid of in this world. If you fear something, just do it! No excuses!

He taught me how to love bad things, how to love pain, chaos, traffic jam… I hated traffic jams when I arrived to Bali, it’s here everyday. I told him about this and he explained to me that I just have to accept it, it’s just a part of Bali, it’s just life.

Basically, for every question I have, he gives me an answer that makes perfect sense. It’s often very simple, yet very powerful at the same time.

I’m very happy, thank you, Thomas!

Karel B.

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It is incredibly rare to meet someone who you instantly have chemistry with.

The first time that I spoke to Thomas was in June and within an hour of exchanging stories and ideas I felt like we had built a level of rapport and connection that I only have with my younger brother and closest friends.

I deeply resonated with all of Thomas’s beliefs on self-love and relationships but felt like he was speaking from a much higher level. A level that some men speak about but he actually lived at.

Over the past months, Thomas has mentored me and has helped me grow immensely as a coach, lover, and human being.

Thomas made me realize that being able to attract and have s*x with beautiful women was just level 1.

The real growth and fulfillment comes from having a deep s*xual and emotional impact on women and creating a safe space for them to be fully submissive, loving and authentic.

I highly recommend everyone who has been checking out Thomas’s content to stop hesitating and shoot him a message and schedule a call.

Daniel J.

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Thomas f-ing Whigham… you sir are a gem to all those who you can touch…

Just recently hopped off a call with Tom and left with a new perspective about myself, my relationship, and my purpose just from an hour of “shooting the sh*t” with him.

The level of insight and external awareness that Tom has with me as a “mentee” of sorts is higher than I’ve seen even some of the most “successful” and “famous” mentors that I’ve worked with (people that are very popular names in the self development world).

What Thomas focuses on isn’t “self development”, it’s self acceptance, and self love. After this call with him, the second conversation we’ve had, I was able to realize that a lot of the so called fears that I have weren’t because I’m not “self developed enough” — it’s simply because I didn’t recognize the various ways I could accept myself and my own struggle with love instead of fear.

If you haven’t reached out to Thomas, think about it. I’m almost pissed that he’s offering so much and asking for so little, but that’s literally just how he chooses to operate through love and giving instead of fear and taking.

Tim R.

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Sixty minutes…

Sixty f*cking minutes…

Who knew my mindset, my life could literally change so much in sixty minutes.

I don’t even know what to say or how to say it, but in the first half of our call Thomas literally helped me get through a lifetime of shame around my s*xual desires and lack of experience.

I reached an incredible state of enlightenment on our first call about two weeks ago, but somehow this call was even more impactful.

If you’re on the fence about working with Thomas, just do it.

If our work ended today, it would still be worth 10x what I paid.

Man, I’m just so filled with love right now… for all of you and for myself.

Life is f*cking great.

Jake G.

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I would like to give my sincere gratitude for the Self Love Army and for Thomas Whigham in particular for the guidance and insight provided to me in navigating the Dom/Sub dynamic and how to approach the complexities of open relationships.

I reached out to Thomas with a sticky issue and he pointed out the nuances of the power exchange playing itself out. He’s particularly adept at sharing the male/Dom perspective, which allowed me to open my own perspectives wider.

I’m grateful for his guidance and for the opportunity to feel less tangled about my situation.

I love the Self Love Army.

Torrey L.

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I went on a date with a lovely girl about a year ago (right after I met Thomas). And then I went on a second date with the same girl one week ago. This gave me a unique view into how having Thomas in my life taking care of me has changed me & my relationship with women over the course of one year.

On our first date, we vibed well, drank some wine, and had a lovely & lively conversation for about two hours. After the date, she took a taxi and went home. We wanted to meet again, but while planning, the contact fizzled out and that was it.

On our second date, a year later, we met again at a bar, had some wine, had a lovely & lively conversation for about an hour. After that hour, I invited her to my place, and we hooked up. I got a message from her the next day, thanking me that I have helped her overcome her anxiety of opening up to men. And that she wanted to see me again because, after our second date, she wanted more.

On my first date, I was insecure, shy, wasn’t in touch with my masculine side very much. I wanted to be with her because I thought she was cute and sexy. But I had no clue about how attraction works and what to do, how to be. And although Thomas kept saying to me “You’re good for women”, deep down I didn’t believe him, and so I felt like a total failure with women. On my second date, I was confident, relaxed, unreactive, leading the interaction, stating my desires unapologetically, showing my intention. I felt like a grounded man, a man who is indeed good for women.

So what changed? A lot obviously, but it all boils down to one thing: my love for women. I learned to love the feminine, welcome and embrace it in all its shapes and forms and everything that comes with it: the beauty, the chaos, the unpredictability, the emotions, the messiness, the sexiness, the juiciness. I love all of it, and I wouldn’t want one thing about women to change. Thomas saw this love for women in me way before I could see it. That’s why he kept telling me how good I am for women before I could believe it myself. And he kept bringing me into this love, taught me how to live from it, how to act from it, how to be it. What a ride it’s been, and I still feel like we’re only just getting started.

Life is good. And with Thomas in it, it’s even better. I love you all, thank you for reading.

David K.

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I feel compelled to share about my experience so far with Thomas.

It’s been nothing short of pivotal. Sometimes there are things that words cannot fully express, as is the case here.

Not only is it how he “handles” me… it is how he SEES me. Because he sees all of me, because of his wisdom, his experiences, his potency and his sheer ability to embrace and trust his gifts- he leads me STRONGLY.

As a woman who has struggled my whole life with relationships- working with a man who is clear, will not succumb to my “charm” and bullshit ( which has been my go-to way of avoiding my own potency and “getting out of” my own way) has been life changing.

I’m no longer settling for anything less than what I truly want in ANY area of my life- because Thomas explains what is happening for me in such a profound way, and then holds me to my desires with actions that create massive CHANGE.

My career has expanded in a way that makes me so very proud and excited, rather than being on the path of destruction I was on…

I’m choosing men who are HEALTHY and SUPPORT me and want to please me, rather than going back into old habits, thoughts and patterns that SUCK and caused me the same shitty results over and over…

(And he gave me the courage to let go of all the ones who weren’t a true match for me but I couldn’t even see it)

I’m prioritizing myself in a way I never knew existed… to me, that alone gives me the ability to conquer anything I choose.

Ladies, working with a healthy, potent, gifted man will gift you in a way that perhaps no woman ever can.

I finally feel like I’m owning who I am.


And just to add this – in my awareness of the results, I would pay anything to work with him. 

Hit him up.

Stacey R.

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On today’s call with Thomas, btw I f*cking love this man. Had a water turned to wine moment.

Something I’ve been ruminating for a long time just got cracked and seen in another way.

Hate and wrath have had me dropping to unconscious levels many times and have had me blaming myself for my incompetence and inability to act.

But it’s first today that I realized that that too is love. In a way it is the person self trying to take care of itself, it wants to hurt because it was hurt. Instinctively it only wants to take care of the person me in ways that animals know how to defend themselves.

It can however be less socially acceptable to act out though, but feeling it doesn’t make it wrong. Thinking that it is wrong only adds another layer of resistance, but seeing it from loving eyes can actually peel that resistance off and add it to a layer of love

Tom L.

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One year of doing “the work” –

I’m moving out tomorrow of my parents’ place and in with my partner! I’ve been chronically ill for the majority of my life so it’s a big step for me.

My relationship with my family was quite strained because they did not approve of my partner. But as I leave, it’s in a place of deep love and acceptance between us. The transformation has been miraculous.

I used to really struggle and feel awkward around my extended family. Last week they visited and it was probably the most loving week of my life. I never had the capacity for uninhibited love and desire to serve others as much as I could fearlessly.

I’ve been in the most loving and healthy relationship for the last year. My relationships have mostly been a shit show so, honestly, this was pretty miraculous.

I still don’t make a lot of money. I trip a bit a work. Get overwhelmed with shame when I make a mistake. But I’m able to see these things as an opportunity to love more. And I do make enough to move out (I’m hoping the math works here) and live with my honey which for my situation is great.

I don’t know whether this is impressive for egos. But it impressed my heart. I’m not the person I was a year ago. My heart has expanded so much beyond what I know is possible. I didn’t know so much love was possible and I especially didn’t know it was possible for me.

An infinite thank you to Thomas who was the wellspring turning me toward love, courage, acceptance, and surrender in every situation you can imagine. I literally don’t know what to say, it leaves me speechless, your love, kindness, and humility.

The work and all of you beautiful souls I’ve met through it have been the greatest blessing of my life and the most incredible answer to my prayers.

Viveka J.

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My work with Thomas has created a huge shift in my perceptions. Before I met him, Maharaji had touched my life through KD but with Thomas that connection grew exponentially.

I had come to a sort of neutral place with the pain in my life. Thomas showed me how I could open my heart to Ram so much deeper. He always seems to know when I’m struggling to go deeper and know how to take me there.

He asks me the questions only a dominant loving man can ask me and suddenly I’m owning my sh*t and seeing clearly again. It’s quite a gift. I’m a lucky girl.

If you need coaching on how to love, like I do, and you’re humble and respectful enough to trust that there’s a path that’s bigger than all of us, if you’re ready to wake up and do things the right way, I don’t know anyone in his league.

Estelle B.

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I did one call with Thomas ages ago. That’s all I needed. One call. Changed my life. Tom STILL checks up on me. So if you don’t want to be harassed by a benevolent sage who aggressively does everything in his power to make sure you’re happy, healthy, safe, and loved then I guess don’t get coaching with him 🤠🤣

Aaron Z.

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So you’ve read a few new age books and now you think you’re enlightened and no one understands how great you are.

Until you get on a call with T. Whigham who actually walks the walk through & through and he cracks your “know it all” spiritual ego open and shows you how to be the best is by serving at your best with love, humility & devotion.

His selfless love with no judgment and drive to see you succeed in helping others has to be experienced.

Words don’t do it justice.

I will always be grateful for him helping me let go of operating from a place of pain and keeping my ego in check so I can focus on what’s actually important.

Helping others through love.

Ricky R.

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Thomas is the embodiment of Love. I have yet to meet another human who walks and talks the path of true unconditional love like he does (and I have met people and self-proclaimed spiritual teachers who claim they live from unconditional love but are nowhere near Thomas’ level). He helped me see what’s really important in life. He helped me with finding self-esteem. He helped me disidentify from my mind, the main reason I was miserable in life. He elevated me to a level where I’ve never been before: peaceful, at ease, in love with life. He showed me how to live from love. And my gratitude will forever haunt him 😄 Thomas is the real deal. It doesn’t get any better than coaching with him.

David K.

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The subtitle of this coaching should be: “I will teach you to be enlightened”

Tom has the unique ability to take you to the heights of heaven. He took me to the feet of Christ, and I experienced the most profound, indescribable, unconditional love and the peace that surpasses all understanding – both of which are at the core of who we truly are. It changed my life!

In the very first call, I realized I was running away from Love/God. But you can’t run away from Love/God. Sometimes, Love/God sends you a former druggie turned interfaith Hindu guru to bring you back to love.

So how do you know if this coaching is right for you? Look into Tom’s heart and ask your Love.

Justin T.

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Man, I don’t even know where to start. Thomas has massively changed EVERY part of my life for the better. No exaggeration. I seriously can barely recognize my life just 6 months after meeting him.

A few of many changes:

– I’m in an incredible relationship with a beautiful woman – the healthiest relationship I’ve EVER been in. Only possible because Thomas helped me work through decades of attachment, relationship, and sexual issues that dozens of books, therapists, healing modalities, etc. couldn’t help me with. I never knew a relationship could be this easeful, joyful, supportive, and loving.

– My relationship with my parents is better than it’s ever been. We regularly say “I love you” to each other and mean it. We connect and laugh and share like we’re regular humans, and not in some stiff “parent and son” dynamic. Spending time with my family now is a joy – and I NEVER thought I’d say those words.

– I’ve always known my purpose was to help others, but Thomas has helped me actualize that and kick it into superdrive! I’m now formally coaching 4 people (who all came to me because they could feel the dramatic impact Thomas’ coaching has had on me), but also regularly impacting people and changing lives with every conversation and interaction I have. I feel like Thomas’ coaching synthesized all the lessons and gifts that I had previously accumulated, supercharged them with love, and now they’re effortlessly spilling out and serving others.

– I’ve spent my whole life having trouble feeling and expressing love. I always thought something was wrong with my heart, especially when it came to women. I would always feel numb, cold, disconnected. But thanks to this work…it’s the complete opposite now. I feel connected to my heart all the time, in all my relationships, all throughout my days. From this place, the mind quiets down. From this place, right action flows. From this place, there is endless trust and safety. From this place, ALL of life is tinged with magic and beauty – even the biggest triggers, stresses, and pains.

Love may sound like some frou frou BS, but I guarantee you, it’s anything but. I’m realizing now that it’s like the CHEAT CODE to life. When you can love the darkest, most painful, difficult parts of life…it’s like you’re invincible. It’s a godd*mn superpower.

– Oh and how could I forget…MONEY! More specifically, Thomas helped me unwind a tightness and scarcity with money that I’ve been burdened by my entire life. It’s like my family’s survival-based patterns towards life got passed down to me, and I had no idea how much stress and stuckness it was trapping me in. But with Thomas’ help, we’ve been unwinding all of that. And here’s the wild thing – the more I’ve been loosening my tightness/anxiety around money, the MORE I’ve been making. Like, a LOT more.

And while I’ve been making more, he’s also been teaching me to become much more generous. I think in the past two weeks, I’ve given away over $10k to people who needed it and it’s been wonderful. Again, not something I EVER would’ve even thought about doing before…but thanks to Thomas’ crazy influence in my life, it’s beginning to feel normal and right. Money is just another way we can take of each other (and for those in need, a very important way).

It’s funny, when I first signed up for this Godfather coaching, I remember thinking $8k was so much to spend. I don’t think I’ve ever paid someone that much money before. But now looking back, it was hands down the greatest investment I ever made.

Not only has this coaching already paid for itself and then some, but the actual changes it’s made to my life and the future paths it has opened for me is well worth over 10x the price. Easily.

There’s a lot more I could say, but I’m gonna stop here. Working with Thomas has been the most impactful thing I’ve ever done, and the best investment I’ve ever made. And trust me, I’ve spent many, many years exploring self-growth, spirituality, therapy, plant medicines, you name it. This has been more effective than all of that, and in a much shorter amount of time.

I feel so much gratitude for everything Thomas and this work has brought into my life…and even more for what it’ll bring in the future. This is JUST the beginning.

If you have any questions or want to hear more, feel free to reach out to me and let’s talk. But if you resonate with these words and with the posts in this group, then there’s a good chance this work is meant for you too.

And if so, then it’s time to get to work! The world needs you and your love right now, more than ever. Let’s go ❤️

Jaemin Y.

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My experience with Thomas Whigham has totally changed my life. Before joining his program I almost killed myself. He not only brought taste to my life but allowed me to truly serve my deepest purpose in this world. It is extremely fulfilling to know such a soul ❤️

Sacha C.

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Thomas is the real deal. One of those rare individuals who are able to empower and uplift people places and things everywhere he goes, driven by a huge heart full of love.

Glenn A.

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Thomas found the grief and anger buried deep inside me and helped me set it free with love. It’s difficult to explain how much lighter the world feels after that.

Ahren G.

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Thomas will see you for who you really are, more than even you know. He isn’t fooled by any limitations you portray. He’ll bring the best out of you.

Amine C.

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What in the loving h*ll?

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like for problems to just stop existing and the whole world to just be better, then you should start talking to Thomas.

I’m a skeptic. Logic comes first and I don’t believe in anything fully until I experience it, but I felt oddly called to do this work with Thomas.

And since starting this work the whole flavour of my life has changed. Almost like a blindfold was taken off me and I can see the beauty of life again for the first time in years.

Our first call was nothing short of magical. Thomas flat out told me that he was going to take me on a journey, and oh boy did he…

He got me in touch with something I’ve never truly felt before – an unlimited wellspring of love that I can tap into at any time that completely changes the quality of experience of my life.

Some people might call this meeting god, but for me, it just felt like I was finally seeing the truth in life.

I’d describe this feeling of love as though I had taken a bit of MDMA, except it feels so natural and RIGHT, that a better metaphor is that I’d been taking drugs for the whole rest of my life that made me feel terrible, and Thomas showed me how to stop.

He cut away endless layers of bullsh*t from my mind and left my life feeling simple, clear, and resoundingly optimistic.

Since then I’ve felt years of armouring around my heart steadily dissolve, and find myself feeling amazing around people, interacting completely differently, and being way more open to connecting.

People are drawn to me more and my friendships and relationships with women have deepened massively.

Weird remnants of anxiety, depression and frustration around different topics such as being in harsh lockdown for a whole year have magically been dissolving with me barely having to consciously look at them.

I feel oriented towards love, and love my life more as each day passes without me even having to try and change anything.

In the same call, he helped me feel into my purpose and changed the whole meaning of work for me to be something fulfilling.

My motivation has increased massively and it’s an unshakable kind that isn’t dependent on how I feel each day. I’m already watching my income increase.

As a coach, I feel so much more love for my clients, am way more in tune with them and find myself giving the exact advice they need intuitively so much more often.

And that’s in just what I got out of the start of this work. I’m much further in now and I just can’t imagine my life without this.

It feels stupid to try and put a finger on exactly what this work is, because the changes sound so wishy washy and general, except that’s only because so many specific things in my life have changed that it’s impossible to point at just one thing.

I just feel so much better, my life circumstances are so much better, I’m on a path to be making much more money and I’m experiencing a constant level of abundance with people and relationships I never thought possible for me.

It’s simply so much more enjoyable to be me and to be alive and I wasn’t even aware there was much room for improvement there. And even my ‘negative’ emotions have started to feel positive somehow.

All this to the point where I feel like I’ve been handed some weird cheat code for life. You can’t put a price on change like this, because you don’t know how invaluable it is until you’re on the other side.

Before we had even started working together Thomas was giving me more genuine care and love while talking logistics than I experience from most people I’m close to in my life. To say he ‘gets you’ and knows what you need is an understatement…

He literally answers my questions before I have a chance to ask them.

From a friend who was in the same position as you right now, reading a post like this…

If you are considering doing this work or even feel at all pulled to look into it but haven’t yet, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Stop wasting time and talk to this incredibly loving and wise man, and let him change you and your life for the better. It will be one of the best things you ever do.

Take the leap!

Jesse C.

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Thomas is incredible. He’s helped me redirect my life and focus towards love. I actually haven’t got a clue the amount he’s helped me or started to turn my beliefs around and how significant this is in my life, I think I’ll see it more clearly when I look back in hindsight in a year or so.

I kept thinking to write a review some months ago, but I kept thinking to myself “well, has Thomas even helped me that much?”. I thought: I definitely feel better, and I love talking to him, but I’m also doing a bunch of other stuff at the moment and maybe it’s that. The other stuff I was doing definitely helped me, but Thomas was definitely a big contributor.

Now having spoken with Thomas more then I’m starting to realise how much it helps me and how quickly he unfurls my silly worries or insecurities…. they really seem stupid once he questions them. Then I go back to them the next day, 😂 but each time the seed grows stronger.

His freedom in anger, love, truth, lying, or any other expression really helps to set me free. He keeps messaging me telling me he loves me, which is so sweet 🥰 . I love this man, he’s really wormed his way into my heart very quickly.

Work with him ❤

Daniel N.

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I just had the sweetest reminder of love from Thomas today.

It is far too easy to forget about love and God, at least so it has been for me in my daily life, daily repeated thoughts, reminding me of the memory of me rather than anything truly living.

Recently I have had thoughts about changing direction in life, wanting to be there to help people with mental stability, and eventually find peace within.

Having thoughts about changes brought up worries about changes as well. Which had me scared sh*tless thinking about what would happen if I failed, and all these sacrifices I had to make on my economical situation would suck and so on.

Thomas’s call was simple, it was to remind me of love, the connection with the eternal love, and let it express itself through me. Because helping isn’t about the person-me, and it’s coming from a place far more divine than that. And it brings forth a lot of power to succeed if we let love guide and let us trust in it.

Hearing Thomas talking about treating life like a play, a game and just enjoying life and seeing the beautiful things we can do from life and from love, made me teary in my eyes, realizing that I had been brainwashed by my own fear that I had to avoid failure over loving and helping people with mental instability.

I’m still giggling as I’m writing this, filled with joy and hope and love for life.

I am just super grateful for have had Thomas reminding me about love and about God.

Tom L.

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My first call with Thomas Whigham and this is what happened 😉 (and also there is an invitation at the end of this post for those who it resonates with).

Me and Tom connected for the first time in messenger just a few hours ago…. I told Tom about my addiction issues and recent relapse.

He offered to call me and talk about addiction… with the only topics that will be discussed, or even worth discussing, being ‘God’ and ‘Surrender’.

I knew immediately that this would be a ‘different’ kind of addiction conversation that I was used to having. And since I’m sooo sick of spending my life going in and out of addiction… I need something different, that’s for sure.

We had a call. We talked about God, and we talked about surrender. We also talked about Love. And about Acceptance.

While we talked, I was able to notice my experience shift.

What was most profound for me was how I was able to notice how the experience of Love that I could feel inside of me would change, both the love I felt for Tom, but particularly the love I was able to let in, the experience of being loved, and allowing that experience of being loved and cared for to just Be.

I have blocks up that are very old, that prevent me from experiencing love or letting love in. I knew these blocks were there… but this time they were far more clear and obvious they are there, and that I need to do some work to let them go and surrender to love.

At the end of our call, Tom told me that there are 2 things he can do for me in terms of helping with addiction recovery:

1 – He can do the usual stuff as telling me to ‘take it 1 day at a time’ and go to an AA meeting etc.

2 – Or he can help me with the big stuff… the scary stuff, the things that will TRULY make the big difference.

I told him that, as scary as it is for me, I’m ready to take the next leap on my path and do the big stuff, the scary stuff that I’ve been avoiding…. and totally surrender to Tom and what he is offering.

He said he will help me…

But on one condition (and this is where the ‘invitation’ comes in)….I

join an AA meeting…. today…. I attend it…. and report back after, and do this every day for a period of time.

Also to find a sponsor and work the 12 steps.

This is in fact something I had always avoided and never done, until recently after speaking to people who have benefited tremendously from it. I just needed a kick up the arse and enough reason to go do it… and here is that kick up the ass, right on time, right on my ‘Day 1 sober’ which also happens to be today.

So, the invitation….

Tom suggested I write this post and also offer it as an INVITATION to those who might also benefit from this

YOU (reading this) are invited to come and participate in this with me…. to work through the 6 steps alongside myself and whoever else, and also to join in what myself and Tom will be doing together.

If that calls you, just reach out to me in a message 🙂

Love, Gratitude, Surrender 🙏

Andrew C.

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May Thomas be blessed. I really don’t know where I would be without his incredible commitment and loving support.

Beginning of November, we’ve started to work together on Devotion, and since then it seems like 1 year has passed already in terms of changes.

Feels like I’m still at the beginning, but so far it’s been truly hardcore. Every day it’s been a challenge… life is giving me EXACTLY what I need to go through and it feels like I’m face to face with new deeper levels of my own ego just waiting to be loved and welcomed more gently.

I’ve been guided by Thomas into surrendering my fears of lack of money, self-worth, and all crazy attachments to “things not going my way”.

Right now it feels like everything and everyone can touch me and hurt me. And crazily enough, I’m the one who’s opening the doors, and giving them the keys to my castle.

My shiny armor is rapidly crumbling down in pieces, and I’m gradually finding myself more naked, real, vulnerable by the day.

I’ve never been the “sensitive one” and used to cry maybe 1-2 times over the last 5 years. And now it’s like there’s not a day passing without me crying compassionately for someone’s pains.

Opening my heart to embrace and transmute more and more of the world’s collective pain into love and blessings.

Working as a business coach, I’ve never seen my clients growing and raising their energy as fast without me doing little to nothing.

They talk and I mainly listen, hold space, and bless them. And a few days later they come to my calls and they’re completely transformed people.

Crazy powerful ideas coming up, incredible results from their own clients. I’m mesmerized about all the crazy sh*t I never thought possible.

It’s like the whole world it’s transforming rapidly in front of my eyes.

Literally, one miracle after the other.

The power of Unconditional Love is limitless, and I’ve never met anyone with Thomas’s gifts.

So if you’re on the fence don’t think twice. Tom is a true Saint here on earth. Go work with him.

Simone G.

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Just got off a short call with Thomas. He reached out to me and said to call him. I felt welcomed and called. In that amount of time, I had a breakthrough and felt more peace. I told Thomas one of my biggest fears was my dad passing away. He replied he’s going to go be friends with my dad, you don’t want him to be friends with my dad? I replied yes I do. We are love and god before we come to earth and sometimes may forget that. All that happens when we pass away is go back to that love and god energy. Thank you Thomas. The universe and god always send us the right signs that we are on the right path and my heart is full.

Eduardo J.

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My coaching so far with Thomas and the one concept that changed my life

To give you a short summary of my background and why I came to Thomas. I have clinically diagnosed OCD that I’ve had my whole life. No, not the check the stove five times over more just completely obsessive. No, not just overthinking, literally a debilitating psychological itch that would never go away and lead me to self-isolation and self-destruction. I would obsess about the littlest, most trivial seeming things. For example, when I used to produce music, I would obsess about the colour and shape of certain tracks, and if it didn’t fit with others, I wouldn’t release it. I would obsess about it over and over again. I would also obsess over failures, and recently I would obsess over what the f*ck the point of our very existence is and how I should best live my life from now to death. Trying to come to a conclusion on questions like “Does consciousness exist outside of the mind?” “What’s happens after death?” Looking into metaphysics, nihilism, religion, evolution, and everywhere furiously for answers.

In attempts to conquer the monster in my head, I tried seeing a psychologist. Heaps and heaps of meditation (hours every day), studied the unconscious and subconscious mind trying to get the bottom of my obsessiveness, yes I read Letting Go by the beloved Dr. Hawkins. But none of it freed me from my obsessiveness, and in some ways, it got worse. I had one call with Thomas, where I was pretty much at a breaking point and felt completely lost and confused.

He then introduced me to the idea of surrender. He got me to read an article from alcoholics anonymous describing concisely and beautifully what surrender is. At that moment, it occurred to me that my obsessiveness and my overthinking and my need for control and to have all the answers was literally no different to an alcoholic, junkie, or any of that. It was literally just as debilitating, and it all stemmed from that same spiritual emptiness so many of us have below the surface.

I had heard concepts such as acceptance and letting go. But merely sitting there “allowing” or “accepting” my feelings and trying to “let them go” never did shit. To me, surrender means completely giving up control, giving up. Accepting powerlessness, letting whatever emotions or unease be there with zero resistance and flow like a river and, most importantly, becoming nothing onto god, love, the universe, oneness, etc.

After Thomas introduced me to surrender, he got me to feel the unease that sits behind all my insistent compulsion and realized that this suffering is everyone else’s suffering. He got me to visualize others in pain and visualize, helping them and making their lives better and giving love.

Days after that call, I put all my focus and attention on these two very concepts. Surrendering and focusing and visualizing freeing others from pain and suffering and giving them love and feeling connected to everything. Since this call, which was on the 1st of September, I’ve had some small relapses to my OCD. But mostly, I’ve freed myself from this debilitating condition (something I wasn’t able to achieve through seeing a psychologist, meditation, a healthy diet, and exercise any of that).

Often we overlook just how small we all are. We are simply one small speck of dust in an infinite universe. If you right now feel that same unease in the background, that feeling of there always being something wrong, something missing, some answer to find, something to resolve, constant anxiety. See this as your call to surrender, give up, and let love and oneness guide your every action. Step into power over force, live a life of simplicity. Surrender to love and serve. That’s all you have to do. F*ck success, f*ck sleeping with 1000’s of women, trying to be a millionaire before 25. All of this is pointless without love and connectedness to the whole. And when you surrender to love, abundance flows far more than when you are running around trying to fill an empty void. The grass is never greener on the other side.

I would highly suggest doing coaching with Thomas. He’s a crazy motherf*cker, but he’s working miracles every single day, and he practices everything preaches.

Hudson G.

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Love just got a h*ll of a lot easier.

Turns out I don’t need to be so serious and I don’t need to be so scared.

I’ve always loved people this much underneath the crusty outer shell.

Thomas knows. He can feel it. And he just showed me how to let it peek out tonight, without any pressure, without any expectation, just a giant invitation to a way funner option.

Basically, I just started breathing properly and that makes laughing easier too. Thank God!

My mind doesn’t have a clue why I’m here or why this crazy man keeps showing up and answering questions I haven’t asked yet, but for some reason, I love that mfer and…

Well, who needs a mind anyway 😉🤷‍♀️🤠💗

Astraea M.

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Sharing my experience in the godfather program with Thomas Whigham. The program is different than self-help. In the past, I ordered self-help books and read them to help improve my confidence. They helped me learn new concepts and I noticed small improvements. With Thomas, it’s different. In just 2 calls I have unlocked a confidence that surprises me. In my day-to-day life, I am not in my head trying to act in a confident way or put principles to work that I learned in a book. I act and speak confidently. Thomas didn’t teach me how to be confident. He helped me unlock the confidence that’s already there. The confidence to connect to love, to share love and to be love. Thank you, Thomas, I love you!

Louis T.

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Even experiencing just a *drop* of what I know Thomas is capable of, my life has bloomed. His support has opened so much more ease + surrender in my heart, deepened loving awe for every member of humanity, AND GETTING WHAT I WANT! (It was super simple🤣 and we laughed all the while 🥰💕)

I feel so loved.

I feel safer to experience love.

My life is rich with love.

I Am Love.

Life is about to get so, so sweet 🍯

Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏

Levonah H.

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